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Top 20 Cafes

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Rank Name Rating Info
Elixir Coffee SpecialistsReview

Standing Room OnlyReview

Cuppa JoesReview

Bench EspressoReview

Woogi EspressoReview


Pizzaca CaffeReview

Esprezzo CafeReview

Lowdown Espresso BarReview

Cafe 54Review

The Pony Express OReview

Velvet EspressoReview

Louis BaxtersReview

Howard Street CoffeeReview

Spring EspressoReview

Ristretto CoffeeReview

Dancing GoatReview

Dimattina CoffeeReview

The RoasteryReview

Zucca espressoReview


Top 20 ranking uses Bayesian Ratings:
Bayesian ratings prevent items with a small number of potentially inaccurate rankings from ranking in especially high or low spots. For example, without Bayesian ratings, an item with only 2 five star ratings would outrank an item with 20 four star ratings and 1 five star rating. An item with a single one star rating would rank lower than an item with 20 two star ratings and 10 one star ratings.

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