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Cafe Vinyl

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Cafe Vinyl

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We’re not Big but we’re small. And we proudly serve a record breaking coffee with flavours to satisfy.. We’re located directly in front of 78 Records in Perth.. Sample our Low Fat Gluten Free Muffins and Cakes!

Address:914 HAY STREET
Phone:9226 4200
Hours:Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

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6 Reviews → “ Cafe Vinyl ”

  1. perfect cup

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    coffee is pretty average but then the service is good and efficient.

  2. Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I really like vinyl. It isn’t the best coffee in Perth but it is definitely good. The blend they use has a nice fruity aftertaste and although a little lacking in body, is smooth and consistently made just right.

    They also have fantastic muffins and the service is friendly and efficient.

    The value for money here is superb with a $5 tripple shot beast on offer neing the perfect start to a long day at work.

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  3. Long_Mach

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Beans – Special ‘Aaron’ Blend. Aaron is ‘the man’, when he’s behind the Cimbo. The coffee he makes is sublime, as a result he’s a hard act to follow when he takes a break.


  4. cafenatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    A great little cafe, always busy with friendly and efficient service. The coffee is consistently good and served with a smile, check it out…………….!


  5. Gripped

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    every time I’ve had coffee here it has been brilliant…I drink ristrettos, a good test of a baristas skills, and they pass with flying colours every time…never burnt, and retaining a nice sweet-acidity with good complexity…always happy to go back for more whenever I’m in town…added bonus its proximity to a great record store…


  6. captain howdy

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    so glad these guys made it on here! the owner is a champ – always super friendly, quick, knowledgable, interested in what you’ve been up to and always remembers what you have – proper old school hospitality. his off-sider esther (i think her name is) is tops as well. great team, always good coffee, always a pleasure to go there. once again annoyed that i don’t work in the CBD anymore 🙁


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