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Cimbalino – Cottesloe

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Cimbalino – Cottesloe

Cafe ambience

Cimbalino is the result of a passion to create a place where friends can gather to relax, catch up, and enjoy great coffee.

Whether it be an espresso, a ristretto, a macchiato, a flat white, a cappuccino, a latte, a cimba (our in-house speciality), or any of our other great styles of coffee; we guarantee to make you the best coffee — every time.

Address:12 – 16 Napoleon Street
 Cottesloe, 6011
Phone:(08) 9385 6177
Food:take or dine in

ToiletsAlfrescoWheelchair accessChild friendlyService type


15 Reviews → “ Cimbalino – Cottesloe ”

  1. Moe

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I went in for a quick cup recently while i waited for some engraving to be finished. I thought the ‘Cimba’ was a very nice cup of coffee, although it is a little pretentious to have a coffee specialty – really it was just a double shot flat white or something like that, but I have a habit of letting a chef or coffee maker show me what they’re all about, so i couldn’t let a ‘specialty’ coffee pass me by.
    All aspects of the place were good imo


  2. fabfrank

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Tried this on Freo trip. Its a very cool set up but the coffee and service was not worth the stop off the train. Dark uncertain tastes and the milk in my flat white was hot and bubbly. Hmmm. I was disspointed – two sips and left half empty. Really not up to scratch. More care please.


  3. caffeinista

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Well… the test of a barista’s skills has to be heat and humidity, and with consecutive days in the mid to high 30s and stifling humidity, coffee is a little ‘all over the place’ in Perth right now! But I went with a colleague to Cimbalino and the espresso was fantastic. There was a gorgeous, rich cocoa or chocolate note to it that we both noticed and enjoyed. It arrived in short time and was of short duration – like the best of espresso! It’s so nice to want more than to feel the need for lots of water afterward like with some more acidic, unbalanced espressos out there!

    I had been to Cimbalino’s before for an iced coffee and asked to have it done a different way than what they do and they were a little narky about it – wtf?! So I hadn’t been back for a while but I’m really glad I did. Top notch aromatic espresso.


  4. Yel

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I found my short mac to be perfect which was a surprise, I couldn’t fault it, it wasn’t at all bitter and came out hot. My friends also commented on how amazing their coffees (a cappuccino & and long mac) were as well. Ambiance was good and the service was fine, nothing spectacular there. I’d definitely be coming back here for a coffee again.


  5. MyView

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    Above average coffee. Always busy cafe a cool vibe. If only the staff could drop the too cool for school attitude this place might actually be worth visiting more often.


  6. amberk2

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Same nothingness to the coffee as Cimbalino in the city (at least they’re consistent!) but a much better atmosphere. Braziliano coffee is somewhat lacklustre when you consider the lengths surrounding cafes are going to these days to ensure they have high quality product. The reason their coffees are so popular is that they don’t actually taste like real coffee should.


  7. espressoholic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    CImbas coffee all the way! Love the taste and consistency! The guys there are quick, and always busy!


  8. Sam_sull

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I _think_ I prefer Vans. Their coffee tastes fresher and cleaner compared to Cimbalino – who were HOT about 5 yrs ago. Times have changed! Isn’t their coffee from Brazilliano? – Can see the dark beans sweating out their oils most of the time.


  9. Dizzy

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Nice cafe that get’s our office’s choice of the Napolean St strip for the daily take-aways.
    Consistently Good Coffee, but nothing to really rave about.
    Service is good, usually pretty quick. 🙂


  10. captain howdy

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    the word barista annoys me. coffee maker is more apt in 99% of places.


  11. beck88

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    the most consistent coffee. I have never had a bad coffee here and there is always a different barista on. So they obviously get good training. Love it but the cafes a little pretentious!


  12. Nigel

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Service

    They do not do justice to the La Marzocco.
    Milk coffee is tasteless and badly textured and the espresso is undrinkable swill.
    I don’t get how people can rave on about the coffee here??


  13. captain howdy

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    meh. not impressed…. take away coffee was pretty lifeless and milky. it’s also waaay expensive. the food is also pricey (it is cottesloe i realise). the service is nice and friendly though, the cafe itself is always busy and full of people – maybe it was just an off day on the coffee machine. will check back for a second go sometime. but for now, the coffee machine at work is looking like a better option.


  14. Roach

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Number 1 coffee in Perth! Cimbalino’s in Cottesloe has always been consistent with its coffee and service. From the dark chocolate, burt toffee taste of there coffee which is special to them, to there simple but delicious breakfast. I’ve never got a coffee so quickly yet perfect everytime. The staff are friendly and always happy to have a chat to you,but when you here a “thanks cimba!” they are straight to work, this gives it a great vibe to there funky cafe. A real gem in the western suburbs.

  15. Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Best coffee in Cottesloe hands down and that’s why its busy most of the time. Cimbalino make their own coffee blend thats unique to the cafe, it has a great flavour and can be purchased as whole beans.

    The cafe itself is very funk and they also serve lunches, like their wraps that are delicious.


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