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Esprezzo Cafe

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Esprezzo Cafe

Cafe ambience

We aim to provide a high level of customer service and a fast, healthy and energizing option to your daily routine. At Esprezzo we are all about community and coffee. We are passionate about promoting local people and businesses and providing a haven from the outside chaos of the world.

Address:Shop 6, Noranda Shopping Village Benara Road & McGilvray Ave, Noranda
Food:certified fair trade cafe /fresh organic /free range /hip
Hours:mon-friday 8.30-5.00,sat 8.00-5.00,thurs late night

ToiletsWheelchair accessChild friendlyService type


21 Reviews → “ Esprezzo Cafe ”

  1. RougeQueen

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    Great coffee, and generally staff are quite friendly, wait is never very long, would recommend this to anyone 🙂


  2. elita

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    the best thing about living in this area is the “Noranda Shopping Centre”. The best thing about Noranda Shopping Centre is Esprezzo Café. I always buy a coffee when down at the shops doing the mundane chore of “grocery Shopping”, but it’s sooooo much better with coffee and cake. Everything is homemade there at the café. The cakes, treats, breakfast, and all other goodies are sensational. All the food has its own original flavour with a twist of passioned attitude. The consistency of the coffees quality is the backbone of this little piece of heaven. LOVE IT!!!!!


  3. kd2013

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Not quite sure why this place is sitting at 12, it really does deserve top 3 for coffee alone.
    I am a latte drinker, quite a fussy one at that, but my review is based on lattes.
    I use to take weekend drives down to Nedlands (45 minute trip) just to experience nice coffee down there, I have tried 6 of the locations in the top 10 also.

    Now for this place, it is a busy little cafe at the back of a shopping center, and while it may have an aroma cafe feel or atmosphere, the coffee isn’t really comparable or the service, I have been going here now for a few years and recently a few times a week, the coffee is always bang on consistent and me and my partner often sit there saying “how can coffee be so nice”, for a latte i put this place #1 in perth hands down, I have tried more places than I can count and I hunt for a good latte, this place always puts out the goods.

    The barista is a friendly guy, even under intense pressure he always has a smile and great manners, same goes for the girls, no complaints at all on service here.

    The food is by no means bad, although i would love to see an eggs benedict on the menu!

    overall it is a gem of a place, highly recommended.



    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Average coffee, average CBD coffee experience


  5. Pentacles22

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Jason is a well trained and great Barista, I only drink Expresso’s and I must say from all the Drinking establishments I have had expresso’s from. This is one of the best. I have had coffee’s at Cantina regularly, Toast ( east Perth), Imp ( Vic Park), Lincoln Street Cafe, Tarts, The Merchant, Exomod, and Expresso’s is more than a Shopping Center Cafe, is is due its rating purely for coffee…


  6. perfect cup

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Do you guys know how to make a perfect cup of flat white indeed? Too much foam, too hot and the coffee tasted burnt! Not a good one and very disappointed won’t go back any more..


  7. Nikki

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    good coffee in a surprise location. staff are very friendly without being over the top. they ask questions to make sure they make you the coffee you like.


  8. caf

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    I got shot down before for saying this but if this place is in the top 2 coffee place in Perth (as this site suggests) then there’s something seriously wrong with Perth.

    Sure it’s a pleasant place and service with a smile but the coffee is not even close to being in the top2. It’s a suburban coffee shop targeted at the aroma cafe type crowd. There’s nothing special about the coffee nor the food. They are making an effort (oversized plates which hardly fit on the small tables, also great looking retro coffee machine) but this is not a place for people who understand and love coffee.

    It makes no difference to me how many ‘awards’ the barista has won as the 3 times I’ve been there with my wife, the long black had no crema and very week and the latte tasted like warm milk. I specifically went back just to make sure it wasn’t a one off bad day.


  9. doppio

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    On my day off, I went to visit this supposed gem, was very disappointed. Tried an espresso and a crema-less over extracted coffee was presented in a cold cup. I then tried a flat white. Milk was ok but the coffee taste didnt come thru.

    Have now tried coffees at all the top 10 spots and this is the only one that shouldn’t be in the top 10.


  10. thegoodbean

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    This is one of biggest surprise cafes in Perth! Although the shopping centre setting takes away some of the cafes atmosphere, the coffee itself absolutely makes up for it! Never do you except to find such great coffee just outside of coles.

    The first thing that grabbed my attention here is the 100% support of the fair trade and its coffee. All their blends are fair trade and they often have a single origin blend available if you want to try something different. Ive tried a few, they are all great. Handpicked by the owner himself, who happens to be #4 barista in WA, you can be sure that there wont be a problem with the bean.

    The house blend is very rich and produces a delicious cup of coffee. I think Ive had about 10 coffees here now and never have a been disappointed. This place has a better track record than any other in Perth. Its worth the drive, and even better if you are local. The staff are very nice and also the only staff operating the espresso machine are the ones who have had a lot of experience.

    Highly recommended


  11. caf

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’m really surprised at all the reviews. The place is nice and the staff very friendly BUT the coffee is less than average. The long black I ordered had NO crema at all and was week and sour. My wife’s long Mac tasted like it had no coffee. May be this place is good for a suburban shopping centre but the coffee I had isn’t even close.


  12. extraction

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    i was very surprised by this suburban gem…i work in the city and have my local favs .but when i heard the talk around town about this place ..i decided to check it out.We went on Saturday and could not believe how buzzing this place was . the coffee was spot on , my late was perfect ,silky milk with a tulip art displayed on top,the coffee had a wonderful finish and slightly chocolate .,and watching all the people lining up for take away i did not expect this at all.

    Esprezzo on Urbanspoon


  13. Dennis

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Truly the best coffee you will find anywhere!

    There is no substitute.

  14. Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Discovered this little gem when I was doing some shopping at a different place to normal. They make a seriously nice coffee, made all the more surprising by the location!

    I have put the ambience score low because coffee this good deserves a dimly lit leather couched den. Having said that, the coffee is so good it is worth it regardless.

    Definitely saves me going from the Swan Valley into the city/western suburbs every Saturday for a coffee now! Now if only I can sort out something for Sundays 🙂


  15. Eugen

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I have a machine at home but I still find myself coming in for a coffee. Friendly staff, great coffee and always quick service no matter how busy the are. After the first sip I always find myself saying ‘Yum!’. Great to see awesome coffee in the burbs and a must if you haven’t tried already.


  16. Shayne

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    What a bonus to have such a terrific “local” – these guys have really turned this place around – the decore, staff, service and especially the coffee is terrific for a little suburban shopping centre – they also do great (& fresh) food. But keep it quiet – I want to keep the good news to ourselves!


  17. lukedimasi

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    It absolutely makes my day when I walk into a place that is enthusiastic, lively and fun and where the people make you feel upbeat and excited. The atmosphere at Esprezzo is so different to the run-of-the-mill boring cafe’s. And the food is great! I’m a bit of a health man, so i’m pretty particular with my food and I love the range and quality that they serve there. They should make it a franchise!


  18. paul

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Its so hard to find a place that is consistantly out performing anybody else. when it comes down to quality and value for money i have yet to find a venue that i am content with, until i stumbled across this little place. the coffee is always the best and the breakfasts are always exactly what i have expected. Too many places fall short off the mark and i must say , i for one am happy that there is a place in Perth that actually takes pride in what they do. something rare in this town…….


  19. Michael

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I love my coffee hence why i love coming to Esprezzo. Best coffee in town. Not only is the coffee good but a great selection of food too. Fantastic staff that make you feel welcome evertime you go there. You just cant help but go back for more.


  20. Kaylz

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I love this buzzing little cafe! The coffee is always top knotch, Jason is definantly a very talented & dedicated barista. All the staff are friend & welcoming. If I didnt start work so early each morning, id be stopping here to get my daily fix. The trip of Aveley each Saturday morning is DEFINANTLY worth it. If you havnt check this place out yet, you better get down there fast!


  21. rayneemc

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Love this Cafe! The Coffee is amazing, the best I have had in Perth – Jason is a very talented barista. Very friendly and efficient service, lovely fresh food… I just wish I lived closer so I could get my morning coffee there and not just Saturday mornings!


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