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Ristretto Coffee

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Ristretto Coffee

Cafe ambience

At Ristretto WE HEART COFFEE! Our Perth Coffee Blog covers on goings, thoughts and offerings from Ristretto and Perth’s bourgeoning coffee landscape.

Address:shG18A 160 Central Arcade, 160 St Georges Tce
Phone:0415 954 814‎
Food:cakes, and light meals
Hours:OPEN M-F from 6:30am.

ToiletsWheelchair accessService type


27 Reviews → “ Ristretto Coffee ”

  1. crispy

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Standard coffee.



    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Definitely over rated.


  3. pimpernel

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’ve definitely had better coffee in other Perth cafes, and I found the bar and staff rather pretentious. Definitely better places to go for better coffee in the CBD


  4. sally

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Just amazing i love this place the coffee is perfect!


  5. fabfrank

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Vibrant, full flavoured coffee easily amoungst the very best 2-3 places in Perth or anywhere. Great “espresso” style, on-the-go, service with a smile. Tasty, complex, interesting blend and great Coffee of the Day offers too. Its rather complete and consistent. Walk up bar does give an ambience – it’s ALL about coffee. I really enjoy it when I visit the city. Top marks.


  6. musetta

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Had an amazing soy latte here yeasterday, coffee was brilliant! wish it was an actual cafe though, not just a little take away place, must try the howard st cafe!!


  7. Narkee

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Went to the Howard Street outlet and it is gold. Service is A grade and the coffee is too. Quality!


  8. cafenatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    If you guys love the coffee but want to sit down for a while, head down to Ristretto’s new cafe “Howard Street Coffee” located in Howard Street, great place to hang and enjoy a great coffee. Synesso Hydra and 3 group Mirage lever machine turning out the good stuff!!


  9. tc44

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I would rate the coffee I had from there as one of the top fve I have had in Perth since moving here in September 2010. It was wonderful to take a sip of my flat white and taste COFFEE at a reasonable price! Staff were friendly and the only downside was that it is takeaway only.


  10. warwick.blackler

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    My friends call this The Wind Tunnel cafe, but the coffee is so good you happily stand the gail.


  11. cofipirate

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Just moved from Sydney and making the cofi rounds for GREAT COFI …OMG YUMI.


  12. quentinl

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Coffee is just normal. like some comments above, it is good but not the best.

    Can’t really rate the cafe ambience because it is just a takeaway espresso bar next to a food court. May be they should move to a proper shop?

    Service is great with smile. Very hard to find a welcoming cafe in Perth these days…


  13. Espresso JJ

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Quite good cup of coffee but certainly not the best in CBD!


  14. Wolffy

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Great cafe. Love sitting down and having a chat to the guys… Really knowledgeable and super skilled… Love your work guys!


  15. davem

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Usually big fat juicy espressos enjoyed at the bar here!

    Near Central Park (where I used to work), this is the top team I found for to go coffee in the Perth CBD and one of the very few places that have genuinely added to coffee in the city over the years.

    3-4 baristas on the go for some of the most consistent and fastest to go coffees by a mile. Clean tasting, quick and fresh! I can’t fault.

    A real espresso bar 🙂


  16. anna

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Their quality of coffee that I had is much lower than what I expected.. very ordinary! Just the same as else where.


  17. Pete

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Strongly recommended by a friend working in CBD… That’s why I’ve promised myself to give it a go and try their coffee on my day off but it’s a bit disappointed cos the flat white I ordered was not divine but very normal besides, it didn’t have the after taste feeling plus there was quite a lot of froth on top like a cappuccino. If this is considered to be the best coffee shop in Perth CBD, then you should try all other ones in other surburbs and there are much better ones than this.


  18. petar

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’ve been meaning to try Ristretto for a while, and this morning my morning routine was based around the CBD so I made the effort to give it a crack. I’m really glad I did as it did not disappoint.

    The cafe itself is within the mall and is very compact (hence the name), prompt service to the people getting their morning fix.

    I had an espresso, and the first sip was amazing, totally fragrant, light fruity notes, toasty aftertaste, hardly any acidity, made me think wow.. Follow it up for a take away flat white for the train trip – the coffee cut thru the milk and I was getting really nice earthly flavours, yum..

    I can see what the fuss is all about, the guys there certainly know their stuff.. recommended!


  19. Mia

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    At work on Friday we have a coffee run, we have tried a few around but we all keep coming back to Ristretto. Quick service and most importantly yummy coffee 🙂


  20. espressoholic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Went for stroll to check it out after work a couple of weeks ago, tuck away in an arcade it wasnt what i expected from previous reviews. Staff were friendly, always up for a good chat, also seemed to know what they were talking about, also the trophy representing a 3rd place in the australia cupping champsi thought i hit the jackpot with this tuck away place. UNfortunitly coffee was pretty average, not what i was expecting at all. Not bad but not great, will go back and check out another day just in case it was a bad day…(it does happen)


  21. Sam_sull

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Ristretto is great little CBD walk up spot that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves! The guys and girls there pump out absolute top quality coffee from early in the morn. There’s usually a choice single farm coffee on offer too – we love the Guatemalans of late.


  22. maxB

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Seriously overrated. Tried them a number of times when my preferred options were too busy or not open yet and found that whilst they were very knowledgeable about coffee, they failed to produce a good one 50% of the time and that kind of hit rate is pretty poor for the money.


  23. cafenatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Ristretto serves the best coffee in the CBD hands down, Emanuele, Jesper, Roxanne and Chris serve consistently great coffee with special offerings of single origins from around the globe to tempt our taste buds. Keep up the good work Ristretto!!!!


  24. captain howdy

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    agree with felix. everything those guys do is spot on. can’t believe ristretto are sitting at no.3 🙁 come on people get down there!


  25. felixmeister

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    The best coffee I’ve tasted in Perth to date.

    They know coffee are willing to chat about the most esoteric details of coffee, it’s production and serving.
    The Friday coffee tastings were a highlight of my week when still based in the CBD.

    If you’re there on a Fri arvo around 12:30-1:00 do yourself a favour and go learn something about this great beverage.
    Ristretto Espresso on Urbanspoon


  26. michaelroper

    Coffee Cafe ambience Not Rated Service

    Of late, have been enjoying their ‘iced’ coffee.. a nice strong kick to prevent afternoon desk naps in this warmer weather..


  27. captain howdy

    Coffee Cafe ambience Not Rated Service

    great service, super friendly staff, knowledge of coffee is 1st rate, good location and coffee is awesome. annoyed i had to move from the cbd 🙁


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