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Tartine Cafe

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Tartine Cafe

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Tartine Cafe is located at shop 101, Trinity Arcade, 72 St Georges Terrace in the City, using Five Senses Coffee.

Address:Shop 101, Trinity Arcade, 72 St Georges Tce
Phone:9321 3246

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27 Reviews → “ Tartine Cafe ”

  1. Gimmeecoffee

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’m sorry but 2 words.

    Nothing Special


  2. junkie

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’ve been disappointed the few times I’ve visited Tartine cafe, but maybe I just had too high expectations. I found their blend to lack any body in my long mac, a very average tasting coffee to me. Still haven’t figured out what all the fuss is about. Maybe its just the fact that they use 5 Senses..


  3. fabfrank

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Though its kind of interesting for Perth at the end of the day its a faux espresso bar/ cafe/ bakery. Made to look old or authentic and real/ genuine but its not. An imitator. Maybe it suits Perth. The coffee I had was sour and sharp with little body. When I shared this with the barista they doubted me. I can only assume they know better and I am dumb. It’s a real shame. I don’t know. Anyway there was some flavour in the coffee. They should listen to their customers and try harder. Maybe its just a Perth thing.


  4. CoffeeBean

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’m loving this months single origin, Papua New Guinea-I believe it was described as ‘earthy with floral notes’. 🙂 Apparently the next one will Columbian.


  5. warwick.blackler

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Not particularly strong, but smooth and nice coffee. Food looked nice with two vego options.


  6. MyView

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Found this place by accident – nice friendly service but coffee was nothing special. Was given great information about the coffee I ordered but ended up with a standard weak latte. A bad day? will give it another go because the above average service deserves it.

  7. Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    Narkee I second your thoughts on the Ethiopian. It is superb! I have my entire team at work addicted to it now as well 😉


  8. soylatte73

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I’ve been here a few times, but I can’t say I’m in love with this place by any means.

    The coffee is pretty average, it’s not bad, but at the prices you’re paying, you expect something brilliant. What you get in that cup is decent but it doesn’t justify the prices.

    I’m not digging the look either, I i’m not really quite sure what to make of it.

    On the other hand, the service is pretty good.


  9. Narkee

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    Go check out their single origin bean for this month from Ethiopia. If you like your coffee smotth but with strong flavour then it is right up yuor alley. I really enjoyed it!


  10. davem

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I tried this place twice and I don’t see what the fuss is about – standard 5 Senses coffee done well but not over the top. But that’s welcome for sure! It was clean but not much flavour and very milky in the take away. A bit straight – not edgy, a bit daggy in a sense; some may say traditional. I am not big on tradition.


  11. shitake

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    The coffee is just alright for me. The decor is abhorrent when you compare it with other cafes as equally rated. The service is good though.


  12. Narkee

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Like Kopi Luwak, consistency is the key for me and these guys nail it every time!



  13. captain howdy

    Coffee Not Rated Cafe ambience Not Rated Service Not Rated

    jeez kopi – don’t give us your life story…. we just want to know about the coffee


  14. Kopi Luwak

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    A relatively new player in the Perth Coffee Scene, Tartine’s is beginning to build a reputation for itself, and as the word spreads around the Terrace, the lines are getting longer and longer each day!

    Although the cafe is tiny and has no real seating area, the staff are super friendly and remember faces.

    Tartine’s are onto a winner.. not only do they sell delectable treats and lunch rolls, but the coffee is top notch.

    Their equipment is serious and their barista’s know what they’re doing.. perfectly extracted shots and silky milk are the order of the day, and their idea behind introducing special coffee blends for limited periods of time is ensuring that people continue to return to try something new each time.. their current Guatemalan single origin blend is fantastic.. albeit a little sharp, but this could be due to my preference of a double shot long macchiato.

    Consistency is the key, and Tartine’s has this in abundance.. it’s a fresh change as many Perth cafe’s who claim to be part of the CBD Coffee Elite are far too inconsistent to really hit the highs and keep the customers returning.


  15. timbo

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Take care when going to this cafe. They will set your standards so high it will be hard to go anywhere else. The baristas care about the coffee and it shows (and the tall brunette is well hot ;-)).

    The food is also great. Redefines sandwiches.

    Keep up the good work guys!


  16. macc

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    what a world away from all the other cafes around.
    cute european feel, great 5 sense’s house blend (with the addition of single origin coming soon, very excited)
    all the baristas know their stuff and its great that you can get an amazing coffee no matter who’s on the machine.
    fun conversation even when its busy. and your still not waiting long during the rush.
    quality never compromised.
    and im slowy trying all the food options.(havent been let down yet)
    also really great to see gluten free options!
    thanks tartine team for brightening up my day!


  17. fv

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Agree with Zanthus and Lee. Another stunning 12oz soy latte and extra shot this morning. The barista
    knows what she’s doing. Watch the steady stream of people walking out from Trinity Arcade to the Terrace with a Tartine black ripple wrap cup and you’ll know why, also note that the line at the nearby coffee shops are going down. Not hard to work out why.

  18. Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Cafe itself is a bit daggy and oldish, but this is simply related to the physical location, in the Trinity/Carillion City St Georges Tce area.

    Anyway, more important than the appearance, is the coffee! The guy here seems to know his business rather well and has so far never failed to produce a consistent, full bodied, creamy, well textured and perfectly temperatured coffee for me. I personally would prefer a bit of extra bite in the flavour. It is definitely not a result of excessive milk as I had quite a nice cafiene buzz after my last visit. The service is great as well – very friendly, chatty and prompt with no hint of forced conversation.


  19. lee

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    The service is excellent, the coffee is great, perfect temp, and always good everytime. I highly recommend you give this place a try.
    Great work guys, thanks


  20. ubermocha

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Take 5 minutes to accept a friendly conversation from any of the staff and you are soon to learn that there’s more to coffee than you think. From the technology to the ingredients, the guys at Tartine know what it takes to put together a hot cup that will keep you coming back time after time. The way that quality is not sacrificed just to pull in a few extra customers chasing after the cheaper cuppa is a credit to them, in saying that the prices are very sensible and some would even call it cheap, given the high quality ingredients that go into every cup, every measurement is precise, every cup just as good as the last. It’s a winning combination that’s kept me coming back time after time and will continue to do so.

    If you’re looking for a great cup and even better service Tartine is the only place to go in my opinion.

    Great work guys, keep it up.


  21. bradpeczka

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Having just moved into this part of town, I ventured through every coffee shop in the immediate area before settling on Tartine as my preferred source of a daily pick-me-up.

    The 12oz Mocha is perfection in a cup, featuring creamy milk and chocolate tones. The chocolate isn’t syrup like you’ll find at inferior cafes, and is comprised of chocolate buttons that are placed into the cup, with the hot coffee shots being poured over the top allowing the buttons to melt and mix with the coffee. The temperature is always spot on, and ready to drink from the moment you recieve the cup. And, if 12oz isn’t enough, you can always ask for the special-order size if you’re in need of an added hit. 😉

    The food menu is also good if you’re in need of something more substantial, using premium ingredients and fresh baked bread. The Cajun Chicken is a staple meal for a colleague of mine, and I’m quite partial to the Fruit Toast and Butter on a cold morning.

    I’m always impressed that Jo, Bianca, Kyle and Nyal are always ready with some warm banter and a friendly greeting, and do a truly awesome job that ensures you get your coffee quickly, and without compromising on the quality. This is a far cry from other stores in the area, who pump out coffees left right and centre that are often burnt, or bear a close resemblance to dirty dishwater.

    Bottom line: If you’re in need of some quality coffee in the CBD, you can’t get much better than a coffee from Tartine. Highly recommended!

    Tartine Cafe on Urbanspoon


  22. mochafanatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I used to love Epic until I found this place. The crew are fanatics about producing amazing coffee and always smile no matter what. Not only is the taste great its also amazingly consistent and my coffee is never burnt. I hate burnt coffee, there is no excuse for it.

    Great taste, consistent taste and friendly faces, what more could you ask for?

    Thanks Tartine Team!!!!!


  23. CoffeeBean

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    I love you can get a soy coffee that isn’t burnt! So many other cafes burn soy and when paying extra you want it to be good. My partner drinks cows milk and was raving about his-better than epic. It’s got an upbeat vibe that leaves you feeling good, always greeted with a smile. Definitely a favorite spot.


  24. fv

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Money. 16oz soy double latte was outstanding – 5 senses really shined through the well textured milk. Out of the four contenders in this precinct, Tartine wins by a mile. Fresh almond croissant was also very good. For me, is up there with Spring.


  25. Teabag

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Oh my, I don’t get the fuss about this place.

    Walked in there the other day and tried a coffee for the first time, and what I drank was nothing special, nothing to write home about. How on earth can people charge prices like that in this area of the city, when all places surrounding offer cheaper and dare I say, nicer coffee’s?

    No, I think I would much rather a coffee from Mini Espresso, Java Joe or Rosso. Who are all in walking distance, and in my opinion, offer a nicer and cheaper coffee alternative.

    The service wasn’t bad, and the food menu was suprisingly refreshing but the lack of a dine in area doesn’t do it any favours.


  26. cafenatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    The team at Tartine are truly on the ball, great coffee served with passion, the food is brilliant, hasn’t been open long but has a loyal following.
    Keep up the good work guys………………


  27. catgotcrema

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Friendly service and pretty obvious that they have the right equipment and knowledge to produce a good coffee. My flat white was well made and pretty tasty although I would give Mini Espresso in the adjacent arcade a slight preference only because I preferred the blend.

    Didn’t sample any of the tasty looking food – but will leave that til the next time!


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