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Cafe ambience

Yelo is located at 331 west coast drive, Trigg. Yelo does wonderful coffee and the views are stunning.

Address:331 west coast drive
 Trigg, Scarborough/North Beach
Phone:9447 9441
Food:Cafe style

ToiletsEftposAlfrescoChild friendlyService type 


7 Reviews → “ Yelo ”

  1. Jamijet

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    not strong enough for me sorry


  2. Yel

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Coffee wasn’t bad, but definitely better than most places in Perth. It does get very busy, but what I found strange is that they don’t give you table numbers, and then yell out your name which is hard to hear when you’re sitting out side on the deck (and it gets quite noisy in there). I really liked the sustainable/environmentally friendly touches to the place. Oh and yes the view of the ocean was spectacular!


  3. timbo

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Top location! An awesome place to go get coffee that taste great, then sit and watch the sea. Plenty of alternative food products for sale. Great hippy culture. Good work with the enviro cups.


  4. zmcdonald

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Best views of all the cafes along the Trigg – Sorrento strip.

    Good coffee and a great beach cafe feel – less posh than its counterparts so you feel comfortable walking straight in off the beach.

    Very pleasant, friendly staff.


  5. CoffeeBean

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    What a gorgeous spot! My partner & I both had long maccs to start with, then shared an espresso. My Soy long mac was at the perfect temp (which is a rare thing) & the other half enjoyed his cows milk. The coffee was a little weak so I’d recommend not having it full up. Unfortunately the espresso was over-extracted. This was a bit disappointing but the milk based coffee was still enjoyable.

    The staff were friendly but kind of shy & quiet. Good service but not very engaging.

    The vibe is everything you’d like a cafe by the beach to be. A hippy cafe with some high quality produce (not just coffee) and you feel very welcome to just buy a coffee & sit for a while & relax. I hate cafes where you feel like you should be buying more & moving on the moment you’ve finished you drink.

    Yelo on Urbanspoon


  6. cafenatic

    Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Good coffee, million dollar views and great seaside atmosphere, a great spot to enjoy a java and spend some downtime.

  7. Coffee Cafe ambience Service

    Mike and Alex have done a great job with what used to be Bennion Cafe. It’s Perth’s own Summer Bay Diner, with the best views, great Fiori Coffee and really friendly staff.

    You may have to battle the crowds at this popular spot, but it has to be one of Perth’s best spots to spend some quiet time or catch up with friends and take in the amazing views over Perths best beaches,


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